Sun Chlorella Cream® 45g

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Sun Chlorella Cream® Advanced nourishing skin cream naturally rich in Chlorella Growth Factor NATURAL BEAUTY, THE JAPANESE WAY Sun Chlorella Cream® is paraben-free and has a pure aqua and natural chlorella base to keep skin hydrated and healthy. Formulated in Japan by some of the world's leading experts in chlorella, it is the very best in natural beauty for your skin. REPAIR AND RENEW Packed with Chlorella Growth Factor, Sun Chlorella Cream® is rich in nucleic acids which are instrumental in rejuvenating the skin, helping to repair your skin's delicate surface by naturally stimulating cell renewal. STRENGTHEN AND PROTECT The Chlorella Growth Factor within Sun Chlorella Cream® is a nucleotide-peptide complex found in the nucleus of the chlorella cell. Nucleic acids play an important role in maintaining good health, in particular our ability to prevent cell damage and promote recovery - vital in restoring our skin's strength and integrity.
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