Protein Bar Passionfruit & Mango Flavour x 12 Bars

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A full 18g of high quality whey protein per bar Each Lamberts® Passionfruit & Mango flavour protein bar provides an amazing 18g of high quality whey protein and has a delicious smooth fudge like centre with a tasty white chocolate coating. Protein is essential for the repair and recovery of muscles, and it is therefore important to ensure there is sufficient protein within the diet. This is especially necessary if a client is partaking in physically demanding activities, otherwise muscle strength and energy levels can be compromised. The guideline intake of protein for an adult is 45g per day, (although some experts believe this is barely enough) so these bars make a convenient and tasty way to boost the intake of high quality protein. Lamberts Protein Bars are also useful for anyone who have a sweet tooth but who need to watch their intake of refined carbohydrates. Each bar provides 194 calories, but 50% of these calories are in the form of protein, which the body will use to build lean muscle, or will slowly digest it to use for energy. Therefore the spike in blood glucose level will be minimal and you should feel full for longer.
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