Energy Drink Refreshing Orange flavour

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Provides carbs to restore energy levels plus electrolyte minerals This tasty energy and recovery drink provides complex carbohydrates in the form of medium chain glucose polymers, as well as short chain molecules to deliver a rapid supply of energy to the body when it needs it most ENERGY BOOST Lamberts® Energy Drink provides an excellent source of energy in the form of complex carbohydrates. This means that absorption of the energy giving carbohydrates is controlled, which helps to prevent ‘spikes’ in blood sugar levels. PLUS ELECTROLYTES This product provides replacement mineral salts (called electrolytes) lost through sweating, including potassium, sodium, calcium and magnesium to help the body recover the mineral balance quickly. Just mix with water for a high energy boost Provides electrolyte minerals to replace those lost in sweat Can be used before, during or after training
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