FF6 Clear Senses

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Phacelia is a true signature flower in that it looks exactly like the cartilage of the inside of the nose with little hairs sprouting from it. A very beautiful blue spring flower which energises the land. When the body is under attack from pollution and bacteria, the sinuses and tonsils activate as a first line of defence. Increased atmospheric pollution causes congestion, which leads to pain and discomfort. Phacelia activates the sinuses and enables them to eliminate the atmospheric pollutants that cause irritation and inflammation. Those who choose Phacelia are often proud capable, determined, realistic with a sense of self-worth and are capable of great achievement. They are usually very generous and giving. Trauma: Easily exploited. When lacking in confidence can seek others approval by copying their bad habits, they lose their self-worth and become very easily led. This flower is helpful for the treatment of addictions. Young people who need this formula often find it difficult to refuse when friends offer them cigarettes etc. even if they do not really want to be involved. crying in ones soul, unable to express tears, internaised crying.

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