EstroFactors 90 Tabs

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EstroFactors supports healthy hormone balance in women of all ages from adolescents to women of advancing years. This product features targeted nutrients that support healthy oestrogen balance. Formulated to support female hormonal health, Metagenics’ EstroFactors® contains targeted nutrients to support healthy oestrogen metabolism and breakdown, which in turn helps to support a healthy balance of hormones throughout adult life. EstroFactors® also boasts isoflavones derived from a non-soy source of kudzu root and red clover, in addition to a new bioflavonoid – resveratrol – B vitamins, rosemary and turmeric. Breakthroughs in modern science take the ability to support a healthy balance of overall oestrogenic activity to new levels. Metagenics has utilised this science to develop its range of advanced female formulas that are safe and effective for women of all ages.
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