FF4 Tranquility

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The thistle is a strong structural flower. It is the National flower of Scotland and symbolises strength and masculinity. Thistle is the flower for fatherhood , intellect and courage and for people who are fine, upright, strong and responsible, The person who is intelligent, stimulating and amusing, the life and soul of the party. Thistle helps to create relaxation and allows one to think clearly in emergencies. Protects one from nervous breakdown and harmonises people when they are overpowered by responsibility and loss of assets. Thistle helps stabilise the circadian rhythm which is the body clock. Thistle stabilises the overpowering aggressive male ego. Tranquil Thoughts. Fatherhood. Thoughts and intellect. Peaceful Sleep. The head. This formula is for the person who mourns the spiritual bond between themselves and their Father. This may be because of loss of father, void of father or death of father or because the father relationship is negative or complicated. When this bond is broken the child is often deeply affected and this may have serious repercussions throughout one's life.

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