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The 100% Health pack is the supplement regime followed by Patrick Holford. Optimum Nutrition Formula, ImmuneC, Essential Omegas, Brain Food and AGE Antioxidant. That's fish oils, immune support, antioxidants, B vitamins and a multivitamin. Patrick Holford has taken these 5 supplements daily for many years and believes they provide the "ultimate" supplement regime. Patrick wanted to make it available to others in his ultra convenient AM and PM blister strip packs so he has developed the 100% Health Pack with BioCare. This includes the 3 supplements that create the backbone of a health regime and the original Optimum Nutrition Pack - Optimum Nutrition Formula, Essential Omegas and ImmuneC -and adds Brain Food to the AM Blister strip and AGE Antioxidant to the PM blister strip, giving you an extensive range of health supplements in one place.Excellent convenient one product solution for comprehensive daily support Each strip provides 1 "Optimum Nutrition Formula" Tablet, 1 "Immune C" Tablet and 1 "Essential Omegas" capsule. The Brain strip provides 1 "Brain Food" Capsule and the "AGE" strip 1 "AGE Antioxidant" Capsule.
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