Patrick Holford DigestPro 60 Caps

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Patrick Holford DigestPro is an innovative formulation that supplies the key digestive supporting nutrients l-glutamine, specific probiotics and digestive enzymes. 3 in 1 support for your digestion. Glutamine is an amino acid required for cellular growth of epithelial tissue in the intestinal tract Dairy free, acid stable probiotics L. acidophilus may reduce the proliferation of yeast organisms and helps reduce the colonisation of unfriendly bacteria by producing natural antibiotic substances on the intestinal wall B. bifidum helps to reduce colonisation of opportunistic organisms Protease assists in the breakdown of food proteins into amino acids and polypeptides Lipase helps with the efficient digestion of fats and oils Amylase is required for the complete digestion of carbohydrates Lactase, invertase and glucoamylase hydrolyse complex sugars into simple sugars
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