SF10 SuperFit Inj-ry

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This formula vibrates on spiritual silver energy. Spiritual wounds are painful and often leave deep scars which affect the way we think and feel and often manifest physically as wrinkles and changes in our physical appearance. A supple and healthy body will speed the recovery of injury but it depends on freedom of movement, exercise and fresh air. Stress and the pace of modern society can make it difficult to maintain a healthy body. Directions: One pill three times daily. For best results do not touch the pill, After use replace the lid and store in a cool dry place away from electrical appliances. l-Lycine is responsible for the transportation of calcium molecules, formation of collagen, bones, cartilage and connective tissue. It is therefore essential for the healing of dislocation, bone fractures or breaks. Source: Cottage Cheese, milk, fish beef, lamb, chicken, beans and brewers yeast. l-Serine is responsible for skin, connective tissue, muscles, heart muscles and valves. Source: Cheese Milk, chocolate, poultry and seeds. l-Histidine is a vital protein for the formation of the brain hormone histamine. Histamine is repsonsible for protection of the tissues and prevention of infiltration of bacteria and toxins into the system. Insect bites, vaccines and wounds can all allow invasive substances to penetrate the body via the tissues. A complex action occurs which stimulates the immune system through the hormone thymopoeting in order to protect against invasion, when histamine is deficient the body goes into a state of toxic shock referred to as anaphylactic shock. Histamine is also responsible for orgasm and fulfillment and its deficiency can lead to impotence and sexual disfunction. Main source of l-Histidine is found in sesame seeds and lamb.
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