SF8 SuperFit Female Repro

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Puberty, mensturation, conception, pregnancy, and healthy foetal development depend on the healthy function of the endocrine system. This is only achieved when the young female child has a healthy puberty and is well nourished and supported both psyhologically and emotionally throughout her youth. Healthy menopause depends on reproductive health throughout life.A woman who has a healthy well adjusted puberty will stand a far greater chance of having a healthy reproductive cycle throughout her life. Directions: One pill three times daily For best results do not touch the pill . Using the lid as a dispenser tip one pill into the mouth without handling. Replace the lid immediately after use and store in a cool dry place away form electrical appliances. Folic Acid is vital for reproductive health, healthy pregnancy, prevention of miscarriage, breast feeding and deficiency causes pernicious anaemia. Found in Green Leafy Vegetables, wheat germ, yeats, nuts grains and seeds, bananas, potatoes, fish and eggs. Magnesium is probably one of the most important minerals for the health of the thyroid and in particular the formation of the hormone thyroxin. This hormone has a very important affect on the health of oestrogen and ovulation. Magnesium is depleted by the use of synthetic oestrogen. Since magnesium is also responsible for the health of the bowels, lack of magnesium can cause constipation, bloating, weight gain and depression as well as faulty menstruation and heavy periods. Main Source: wheat germ, nuts and seeds and meat. l-Carnitine found in egg yolk , chocolate, pork and sunflower seeds is a non-essential amino acid which plays a role in the health of the ovum, triglyceride metabolism, circulation and coronary arteries and also transport of oxygen.
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