SF7 SuperFit Male Fertil

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The future of the mankind depends on procreation and the reproduction of the specie. It is therefore disturbing when statistical evidence points to a dramatically lowered sperm count over the last two decades and decline in male reproductive health. For the survival of mankind it is imperative to protect the health of male reproduction, the sperm and to maintain a healthy sexual appetite. Directions: One pill three times daily For best results do not touch the pill . Using the lid as a dispenser tip one pill into the mouth without handling. Replace the lid immediately after use and store in a cool dry place away form electrical appliances. L-Carnitine found in egg yolk , chocolate, pork and sunflower seeds is a non-essential amino acid which plays a role in sperm mobility, trglyceride metabolism, circulation and coronary arteries and also transport of oxygen. Research suggests that deficiency of this nutrient may lead to impotence and low sperm count.
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