SF4 SuperFit Immun-T

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The limbic nervous system is profoundly linked with all emotions and the relative functioning of the human body. When we suffer with an emotional crisis in life the Autonomic Nervous System is immediately affected and this results in changes in the heart-beat and breathing and the immune system often suffers as a result. The secret of good health lies not in non-exposure to bacteria and disease which are all around us, but the ability to withstand them and flush them out if they do pass the primary defences. The ability to withstand and if necessary fight infection depends on the immune system and this, to a great extent is governed by the effective functioning of the thymus gland. A vital factor in immunity is the uptake of anti- oxidant vitamins. Vital nutrients may well be present in one's diet however they must be effectively absorbed to benefit the immune system. Directions: One pill three times daily. For best results do not touch the pill . Using the lid as a dispenser tip one pill into the mouth without handling. Replace the lid immediately after use and store in a cool dry place away form electrical appliances. The teeth act as a vital part of the immune system since they are responsible for storing harmful bacteria. When the body system is overloaded with bacteria the teeth often decay and are then the only physical structure of the body which can be rejected without harm to the rest of the body. Each tooth is affected by different and specific bacteria and break down in accordance with excessive and specific bacteria load causing many serious repercussions.
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