FF15 Sugar Bal

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Yellow Foxglove is especially valuable for natal care. The cutting of the umbilical cord is a profound change and can have serious repercussions in later life especially if trauma is experienced at this time. The spiritual umbilical cord is very powerful and whenever there are relationship problems between mother and child in later life, this will often manifest as low self esteem and eating disorders. Yellow Foxglove promotes balance and harmony. Yellow Foxglove helps to negate self-punishment, low self-esteem and helps to improve self- image and helps to balance emotional disturbances as a result of Birth Trauma, when they have a bad start to life or as a result of adoption. Spiritual Level: Severing the physical connection between Mother and child. Spiritual Trauma as a result of Traumatic Birth. Yellow Foxglove is valuable for re-birthing therapy. The spiritual Umbilical cord is the connection that we have with our children, our future, the future of our planet. The infinite link with what is to be and what is to come. If we experience the death of a child the umbilical cord is severed on a deeply profound level and may have serious repercussions in the health of our pancreatic function. The lost children, Unborn children, the children for whom we crave , abortion, miscarriage, or death of a child or for some people who never have children or even the opportunity to have children, the associated sadness will often repercuss in the pancreas, the physical organ of the soul. Conversly children who grow up with complex relationships with their parents often lose their self esteem and may comfort eat whilst some children who feel negated often stop eating. Children who are abused will certainly manifest their trauma in eating disharmony whilst children who have been orfphaned, grief struck particularly as a result of parental divorce [ie loss of a parent ]or adoption often experience pancreatic imbalance.
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