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Lotus-the flower of the Orient which symbolises peace and wisdom. White Lotus blossom is a water lily that grows from the depths of the muddy earth. The stalk is like a strong umbilical cord that bursts through the surface tension of the water producing huge green leaves which amplify the energy of the plant The flower is magnificent. The centre of the blossom is yellow and reflects the sunlight whilst the petals are the reflection of the moon as they reach up to heaven. Peaceful thoughts, nobility, wisdom. Realisation and spiritual enlightenment. TRAUMA: spiritually traumatised, tragedy, war, aggression or criminal assault. White flowers have been gathered from all over the world and combined to produce a formula that has the capacity to balance the disharmony of mankind. Star White FF1 lOTUS Formula vibrates on the complete colour spectrum and the energy relates to the five elements of the Traditional Chinese Medicine, thereby creating harmony on all levels of consciousness. White flowers direct one's attention to disorders on a deep spiritual level and assist with the entire journey of life. This is the most powerful Phytobiophysics formula used whenever there is a crisis in one's life.
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